The Way We Say Yes

That’s the provisional title of the novel I’m working on. It refers to Occitan, the language spoken in the Languedoc region of France, where the story is set. While in the rest of the place which later became France, ‘yes’ was pronounced “oïl” which became “oui”, in this area they used “oc”, which gave rise to the modern name of the region – ‘the tongue of oc’.

I’m pleased to see that Occitan is becoming increasingly popular for folk songs set in the area. It’s good to hear it, and it lends itself to song.

The main character in my novel is a Scotsman who sets up a pottery in the region, in one of those lovely little villages strung along the Canal du Midi. I’ve given it a made up name, because I didn’t want to be too specific about the actual village which inspired it (and I won’t say what that village is).

I’m pleased with progress on the novel, which is the first I’ve tackled seriously. I’m just over the halfway mark, and I know where it’s headed. Unlike my short stories, where I don’t know the ending until I’ve written it, with the novel I felt I had to write it early on, so I’d know the trajectory of the story. That doesn’t mean the whole thing is fixed and set in stone. I’ve managed to surprise myself several times already along the way.

Why am I writing it? Fundamentally, just to see if I can. If I can manage to write 100,000 words, and trim it back to 80 or so I’ll be satisfied. In other words, I’m not writing it with the aim of publication – although it would be nice if it turns out to be publishable. It’s because a novel feels like some kind of literary Everest to me, and I have to knock it off “because it’s there”, in the immortal words of Mallory.

I’d hoped to get a Fellowship to work on it France for a month, but I was unsuccessful. However, our eldest son has bought a house near Uzes, not far from the area of the novel, and we’re going there later in the year, so I’ll pick up the ambience if nothing else. We did tour round the area in the 1990s, and we’ve been to many other parts of France. Plus I learned pottery in the 1970s, and I’m making use of that background too. I’m aiming to finish in September.

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