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Launched on 4th May 2019, this is the first issue of Postbox; Scotland’s international short story magazine, published by Red Squirrel Press/Postbox Press.

We announced it late last year, and requested submissions with an end January deadline. I received over 100 submissions, and the overall standard was very high indeed. I narrowed it down, and sent my initial suggestions to Red Squirrel’s publisher, Sheila Wakefield. Looking at the total word count of the fifteen selected stories suggested they could all be published in an attractive format, and we agreed on those stories. After that I came up with a sequence which made sense to me, and then I got down to copy editing. To be honest, there wasn’t much to do there – no obvious errors or typos, and most of them very clean.

I’m a ‘light touch’ editor. I try not to change things unless I know I have to. Some of the stories had passages or sentences which I wouldn’t have written that way, if it had been me writing them. But I hadn’t written them, so I left them. I think too many editors/mentors, call them them what you will, are too interventionist; they take away the author’s intentions, their writing character. And stories which are overworked lose their freshness.

The only thing I did do was to impose consistency on text and paragraph formatting for all fifteen stories, so I could pass on a clean document to Gerry Cambridge for design and typesetting. I have my own preferences for line spacing and the like, and I know Gerry can modify these to suit the typeface he chooses.

He also chose the cover, and designed it to fit. Sheila and Gerry want to alternate the postboxes on the covers of new issues – Scottish, then international – and this first one comes from an Italian postbox.

This from my ‘Editorial’:

There’s a neatness in the [short story] form, a satisfying compactness, and a real skill in balancing brevity with telling a full story. I like originality in ideas and in the writing; I love believable dialogue, and I’m thrilled by endings I didn’t see coming, as long as they make sense in context.

The stories in this first collection fulfil these criteria and more. … What I wanted to achieve in this first issue [was] a showcase for good writing, of course, but also to reflect the wide variety of themes, subjects, treatments and styles which makes the short story such a joy to read.

Here is a list of the contents:

Kirsti Wishart: The Secret History of the Shoe Tree
Laura T Fyfe: Bell Ringing
Charlie Gracie: Hyde Bridge, Sligo
Tom Kelly: John’s Dance
Maggie Graham: Bounce and Rhyme
Colette Coen: Last Words
Tom Murray: Man in the moon
Tim Love: Oh I do like to be
Andrew McCallum Crawford: Scotch Pies
Bethany W Pope: The Hunter
Steve Urwin: The Sugar-Coated Nihilist
Reaghan Reilly: Our Little Secret
Alan Macfarlane: B-road Incident
Jennifer Gray: Shadowlands
C E Ayr: The Whale Driver

From the launch: L to R Reaghan Reilly, Tom Murray, Tom Kelly, Laura T Fyfe, Colette Coen, Maggie Graham.
Postbox authorsIt was an absolute joy to hear the authors read their words. As Tom Kelly said to me afterwards, ‘Everybody had something different to say.’

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  1. ceayr says:

    Bravo, Colin, I am delighted to be part of this exciting new literary venture.

  2. ceayr says:

    Reblogged this on Sound Bite Fiction and commented:
    A great new short story magazine featuring talented Scottish writers – and me!

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