February 2019

Saturday 9th February

Struck down by what I think is norovirus. Very debilitating. Could not stop vomiting and/or the other thing.

Monday 11th February

Feeling much better, but very weak – I have lost half a stone over the weekend – but I am going ahead with my Newcastle reading at the Lit & Phil, one of my favourite venues. I decided to read Last Fall, from Word Play. Charlie Gracie, Brian Whittingham and Tom Kelly were also on the bill. When it came to my turn I decided to sit to read, and it felt very comfortable and cosy, as if I was drawing the audience in around me. This made it a very relaxed reading, despite never having read this one in public before, and the feedback afterwards was excellent.

I think some friends were heading for a pub afterwards, but I went straight back to my Quayside hotel and slept like a log.

Tuesday 12th February

Caught the train home and arrived around lunchtime.

In the evening to The Station Yard micropub for the first of our CoastWord Haverings events, an open mic session with featured guests. The featured musicians this time were Karen Dietz and Richard Klein, and the featured poet Nadine Aisha Jassat. The open-mic-ers were from the CoastWord committee, musicians John Hardman and Carey Lunan, writers Hannah Lavery, Carey Douglas-Carnegie and myself.

It was a great night, with the pub filled to capacity (and too warm because of that), the audience receptive and responsive. and the readings and music went very well. We kept to time too!

Friday 15th February

To Belhaven Bikes to have a new prop-stand fitted. Getting the old one off was really difficult, but my friend Colin managed it eventually.

Wednesday 20th February

An ‘approval’ meeting with the commissioning team for the Hospital Arts projects, so I was a bit nervous. Met up with Zuzana Gibb, my artist partner before the meeting, and then we did our presentations. I liked the designs Zuzana had come up with, based on my ward name suggestions. I think she captured the ideas very cleverly.

Wednesday 27th February

Our grandson Morten arrived from Germany. Jane was at her art class in the morning, so I drove to the airport to pick him up. He’s spending a couple of days with us in Dunbar before we all head off to our holiday lodge in Appin, Argyll, on 1st March.


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