Crete 1

I normally use my Lumix camera when I’m away, but this time, maybe because I had a deadline for a funding application, I wasn’t as prepared as usual. I forgot to pack my spare camera battery and charger, so in the wonderful museum at Heraklion, battery power ran out, and I was forced to use my phone camera from then on. It wasn’t a total failure – the camera is actually very good, but it’s a pain in the neck having to transfer the photos from the Gallery to my desktop for processing, and I haven’t finished that job yet.

Our Cretan holiday was an archaeological one, learning more about Cretan and Greek history, and visiting a number of archaeological sites. It was at times breathtaking, surprising, awesome and beautiful. I loved it.

2018 10 17_0493

This is the Doric hilltop site of Lato, a collection of houses and workshops, with a central courtyard, a ‘theatre’, temple, cistern, storage areas and other features.


When you’ve been as familiar, as I have, with the amazing bull-leaping image from Knossos, it comes as a wonderful shock to see the original frieze from the Minoan palace, discovered by Arthur Evans, on display in the museum at Heraklion.

This post is by way of being a taster. I will post more in the days to come, once I’ve edited my notes.


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