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I’ve been spurred into action by a visit to the Scottish Poetry Library, and a subsequent email. Now that my old Calder Wood Press domain is no longer in use, there’s nowhere for a listing of the titles I published between 1997 and 2015. So here it is:

Titles published by Calder Wood Press, 1997-2015

Author Title Format Year
Colin Will Flowers of Scotland Poem card 1997
Colin Will Painted Fruits Poem card 1997
Colin Will Roundabout Livingston Poem Card 1997
Colin Will Landings Poem Card 1997
Colin Will Robin’s Rowan Privately published card 1999
West Lothian Schools Six hundred lines haiku pamphlet 2000
Quill Writers Group Regalia Pamphlet anthology 2001
Colin Will Mementoliths Poetry pamphlet with geological notes 2005
Gerry Urwin A Feat of Arms Book (history) 2006
Mary Johnston Kennt His Faither Short story pamphlet 2007
Dunbar Writers Tidelines Pamphlet anthology 2007
Mercedes Claraso A Blessing of Unicorns Poetry pamphlet 2007
Jo Gibson The Heart is Always Full Poetry pamphlet 2007
Anna Dickie Heart Notes Poetry pamphlet 2008
Anne Connolly Downside Up Poetry pamphlet 2008
David Purdie The Biggers Poetry pamphlet 2008
Donald McKinney Why We Howl at the Moon Short story book 2008
Jayne Wilding Sky Blue Notebook Poetry pamphlet 2008
Catriona Malan Love Affair With Mussels Poetry pamphlet 2008
Lillias Forbes A hesitant opening of parasols Poetry pamphlet 2009
Irene Brown Glass Slippers Poetry pamphlet 2009
Mary Johnston Fa dis she think she is? Poetry pamphlet 2009
Kevin Cadwallender Dog Latin Poetry pamphlet 2009
Jane Wilde Words, words, words Poetry pamphlet 2009
David Purdie The Godothin Version in Scots 2009
Gerry Urwin A Muse To Amuse Poetry pamphlet 2009
Lyn Moir Easterly, Force 10 Poetry pamphlet 2009
Morgan Downie stone and sea Poetry book 2010
Juliet Wilson Unthinkable Skies Poetry pamphlet 2010
Judith Stewart Brief Encounters Poetry pamphlet 2010
Christine Ford Pink Socks and Walking Boots Poetry pamphlet 2010
Eddie Gibbons Why she flew to Barcelona Poetry pamphlet 2010
Geoff Cooper Songs the Lightning Sang Poetry pamphlet 2010
Mercedes Claraso Setting Out Poetry pamphlet 2010
Judith Taylor Local Colour Poetry pamphlet 2010
Marion MacCready Vintage Sea Poetry pamphlet 2011
Lyn Moir Velazquez’s Riddle Poetry pamphlet 2011
Sonata Paliulyte Still Life Poetry pamphlet 2011
Stephen Barnaby Self-Loathing Ostrich Poetry pamphlet 2012
Alistair Noon Out of the cave Poetry pamphlet 2011
Jo Gibson Everything I thought I knew Poetry pamphlet 2013
Ross Wilson The Heavy Bag Poetry pamphlet 2011
Alec Finlay Question your teaspoons Poetry pamphlet 2012
Jill Madden Ticket to Sugarloaf Short story book 2013
Janette Ayachi Choir of ghosts Poetry pamphlet 2013
Amy Anderson Night’s Fresh Velvet Poetry pamphlet 2013
Jane Overton Short Term Parking Poetry pamphlet 2013
Colin Will The year’s six seasons Poetry pamphlet 2013
Dunbar Writers Wild Words Pamphlet anthology 2014
Lindsay Macgregor The Weepers Poetry pamphlet 2015
Nuala Watt Dialogue On the Dark Poetry pamphlet 2015

This list is of printed works only, i.e. it excludes e-book versions.

The Press was wound up in 2016.

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