The Open Mouse

The Open Mouse started as an offshoot from the Poetry Scotland website, which I started in 1996 as the web presence of the printed broadsheet Poetry Scotland, which I’m happy to say is still flourishing under its editor, my friend Sally Evans. So, without having a precise handle on how long it’s been going, it’s pretty safe to say it’s around twenty years.

I’ve enjoyed receiving and reading submissions, making a choice, and putting the accepted poems into a file for later uploading.

Just lately though, I’ve become aware that, subconsciously, I haven’t been putting the effort into it that I did in earlier times. I’ve missed some uploading deadlines, so that some poems have appeared after the dates I said I’d publish them. That’s made things a bit rushed and last-minute to me, and I don’t like that. And I’ve also found myself making excuses to myself about putting off going through the submission emails.

I think this is me telling myself that I want to close the Mouse sometime soon, and I’ve decided to act on that. With the number of current submissions in the pipeline it will probably be some time towards the end of July this year. I’ll know the exact date after I finish going through the submissions, and I’ll announce it on the site and in social media.


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2 Responses to The Open Mouse

  1. Rita Bradd says:

    Aw Colin, you’ve done so much to give poets a profile, you were the first to publish a poem of mine, in Aye, Write, Tyne & Esk anthology from 2007. You’ve published me on Open Mouse, too. It sounds as though OM has served its time, it must be a huge commitment, and you have got new strings to your bow with Red Squirrel and CoastWord etc. All the best. Rita

  2. sunnydunny says:

    Thanks Rita. See you at CoastWord.

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