Calder Wood Press – the final week


After nineteen years publishing, Calder Wood Press is now completely wound up, and this past week I’ve been doing transfers and disposals of residual stock, closing my PayPal business account and my RBS business account. I think the only thing left is to cancel the two domain names I have for the press – the and .com ones.

I’m not going to go on about how proud I am to have published so many outstanding writers (which I am), or how pleased I am that so many of them have remained my friends (and they have). But I will give you one financial fact about my publishing activities. All the ‘profits’ over the years went into subsidising loss-making publications, and to investing in new ones. I never took any money for myself out of the accounts. I didn’t charge anything for the time, effort and expertise I put into the publications. I didn’t set out to make money from publishing, and in that aim I was completely successful. But if I was twenty years younger I’d do it all again. I enjoyed it – well most of it – enormously.

Thank you to all those who have supported the very talented authors I’ve worked with over the years. Here’s a selection of covers.


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