The tat


I have a short story on the Scottish Book Trust’s Confessions and Secrets website. It didn’t make it to the final anthology, which will be published during Book Week Scotland in November, but I’m OK with that.

Having been on a website it has technically and legally been published, but this gives me the chance to revise it, expand it, and to correct some of its defects. It was, after all, one of my early short stories. Hopefully when it’s been rewritten it will be sufficiently different from the original version to effectively constitute a new story.

It concerned a man who has an obsession with getting a tattoo, and I have to confess now that the original version was partly autobiographical. I did have an obsession with getting a tattoo, and shortly after my 74th birthday I got it. The design above is the tattoo artist’s rendering of my vision, and the tat on my right shoulder is very close to it. I wanted an open book, because that’s how I see myself, and because it represents the books I have yet to write.

Of course, like most of those who have tattoos, I now want to have another. This one will definitely be a tenor saxophone, to represent my other passion for making music. After that one, who knows?


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