The pamphlet


I’m familiar with most of the poetry magazines I might wish to be published in, and I had a system for managing submissions, acceptances and rejections. With short stories I’m much less certain where to send them, apart from short story competitions, which I’ve been entering.

Now I have a short story pamphlet in the offing, to be published by Postbox Press in the autumn. The title is Getting On, and the title story is about an old man getting older, something rather closer to my own experience than I might like.

During the CoastWord Festival back in May I went to a fiction workshop run by Catherine Simpson. I found it inspiring, and I’ve completed two short stories based on prompts suggested by her, so I was very pleased with that, and grateful to Catherine. The stories are very different. I like to think all my stories are different, and I’m determined to keep my own interest alive by trying to write in different styles, different points of view, and different subjects.

One writing handbook I’ve found useful is Rust Hills: Writing in general and the short story in particular. There’s a lot of sound advice in this book. Another good one is the Writers’ and Artists’ Companion, Writing Short Stories, edited by Courttia Newland and Tania Hershman.




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