Where I’m bound…

I was a bit scared by one of my friends saying I’ve gone over to the Dark Side, and by another glad that ‘I haven’t completely deserted poetry’, so I’m starting to wonder where my writing is taking me just now.

It’s true that I haven’t written a poem since April, but I did jot down some lines for a new poem while I was at the Platform reading last Saturday. And it’s also true that I haven’t looked at my ‘submissions’ file lately. I just can’t summon up the energy to read through them and think about sending some out, although I probably should. Also, I was reading some magazine issues yesterday, and I found myself being becoming very critical over some of the published poems. Why on earth did the editor choose these ones? However, I did find some others extremely interesting and very good. I particularly liked the last issue of Iota, but I was bored by The Rialto.

But I have to admit that the satisfaction I’m getting from writing and editing my short stories is quite intoxicating. I can’t stop writing them, and the ideas just keep coming. I’m writing about subjects and situations that are totally suited to this medium, rather than to poetry. It may be the novelty of it all, but until this current rush of enthusiasm dies down a bit (Will it? I don’t know), I will keep writing them. I’m entering competitions and sending out to magazines, and although it’s too early to receive feedback I’m not stopping. Not yet. Not for a while.


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2 Responses to Where I’m bound…

  1. Tim Love says:

    I’ve written 3 poems this year, none very good. I’ve written several stories. The imbalance isn’t so much to do with the nature of the ideas that come to me but with the type of time I have free for writing at the moment and a perceived shift in the marketplace. Essentially, now that there’s Flash there’s no need for me to add line-breaks and discontinuities to a text just to get it published.

    The categorisation is far from clear-cut. Paragraphs of a story can become stand-alone poems and v.v. (Jim Murdoch does this too, I noticed). And I have some pieces that I have 2 versions of – one for sending to Flash/short-texts mags, and another for poetry mags.

  2. sunnydunny says:

    That’s interesting Tim. I’m going to try out some short-text mags.

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