50th anniversary

Jane and I were married on 4th April, 1966. We have no wedding photographs (it’s a long story) so I can’t post one.


We don’t go in for big celebrations, parties, family get-togethers and such, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a special day for us. Of course it is. Fifty years married, and very happy together. That’s something to celebrate.

We’re going out for a meal, to our favourite restaurant, where we’ve been dining since the 1970s. We’ll toast each other in green tea, because I’ll be driving.

I’ve just given Jane her anniversary present – a rose-gold necklace – and she loves it.



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One Response to 50th anniversary

  1. Flora Joyce says:

    What did the bride get the groom to commemorate such a special day? From the bridesmaid – been sharing the memories from afar🍾🍴🎈🔔xxx

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