Calder Wood Press: some statistics

I’ve been amusing myself by analysing Calder Wood Press data lately, so I thought I’d share it.

I’ve now published or allocated 60 titles. 51 of them have been print editions; 5 e-books, and I have 4 further ISBNs allocated for future e-books. (I hope to have the time to put these out this year).

I’ve published 4 anthologies by groups of writers, and 35 by individual authors.

25 of my authors are women, 10 are men.

Most are poetry collections; one a full collection and the remainder pamphlets. I’ve published two collections of short stories and one non-fiction book.

30 titles have returned modest amounts which have been reinvested in new publications; 14 have made losses. I haven’t ever accounted for my own time in putting the publications together, but I don’t need to, and I wouldn’t want to. I’ve enjoyed this side of publishing enormously, and I think I’ve learned some useful skills along the way.

I’ve enjoyed building my website, and re-inventing it frequently as circumstances have changed.

I’ve met some wonderful writers over the years, and it has been a huge privilege to have published them. I’m very happy to say that they remain my friends. That’s the main thing I take pleasure in from my spell as a publisher. I started out by wanting to publish my friends, and through publishing I have made lots of new friends. It’s what has kept me going.


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