To Quebec, but first

I’m off to Quebec on 6th October to take part in the 31st International Festival of Poetry in Trois Riviéres., but I have a few other gigs before that.

Tomorrow (25th) I’m jamming with Roy Muller at the Volley in Dunbar on three saxes – soprano, alto, tenor, part of Dunbar’s annual Traditional Music Festival.

Monday 28th I’m reading at the Merlin, in Edinburgh, for the Federation of Writers Makar’s Night. I’m playing tenor sax too.

Thursday 1st October I’m reading at a fund-raiser in the Literary and Philosophical Society in Newcastle. I love the Lit & Phil, and it’ll be a pleasure to go back.

However, to Trois Riviéres: I’ve been asked to take 30 poems translated into French, to read at 3 to 6 events per day while I’m there. I’ve gone for a mixed bag of poems, reflecting my various interests. I’m hugely looking forward to it. I’ll take lots of photos and post them when I get back.




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