The Traveller’s Heart

Open Poetry Day at the Heart of the Travelling People
Saturday 16 May 2015 12 – 4 pm
Poetry Scotland brings you a special event
to enjoy outdoor poetry and song at the Heart above Loch Fyne
Open readings and songs from 12 a.m. Saturday 16 May.
There will be two competitions connected with the Poetry Day.

The first is a written competition for a Haibun, a Japanese form consisting of a short piece of poetic prose followed by a haiku. The form is often used to describe journeys, so it’s very appropriate to this event. The writing should be ‘in the spirit of haiku’, and is normally in the first person, present tense.
Entries for the Haibun should be sent to Colin Will, who will adjudicate this competition. Entries by email only to colinwill60 at gmail dot com. Entries may be sent between January 2015 and the closing date of 20th April. 500 words maximum please, and only one entry per poet. Winning entry & possibly runners up to be published in Poetry Scotland next summer.
Colin Will is the author of the haibun collection The Book of Ways (Red Squirrel Press)
The Poetry Day competition is for a spoken poem to be performed outdoors on the afternoon of the 16th May at the Heart. We are looking for a good and appropriate outdoor poem, not necessarily a “performance poem” in the city sense. The winning poem will probably take between three and five minutes to perform, and the maximum is seven minutes. for the Spoken Poem, pre-book your reading and please bring a copy of the poem for the judges, or send it in advance to sallyevans35 at gmail dot com
This competition will take place from 2.00 pm at the Heart, and will be judged by Jess Smith, author of many books on Traveller culture and leader of the Petition to save the Heart. Winning entries to be published in Poetry Scotland (if not already published – we will accept previously published poems for this part of the competition.) Poems must be your own work. You can enter on the day if there’s room, but remember pre-booked readers go first.

Both competitions are free to enter and free to attend.
For each competition there is a prize of £100 offered by Poetry Scotland, plus there is a Rose Bowl offered by Jess Smith for the winner of the outdoor spoken poem.
More information on arrangements will be available. To get to the Heart you will need to drive, or prevail on a driver you know to come along for a unique cultural day out.
The Heart is on the A815 road to the Cowal peninsula at the junction of the A815 and the B839. Look it up on Google Maps. Even if your driver is not interested in poetry, the view over Loch Fyne is stunning.
Roadside and layby parking near the junction

So write your poems — and SAVE THE DATE

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