January in the writing room

First couple of poems of the year published, first few acceptances, and therefore the first non-acceptances (it makes a difference not to label them rejections). So I’m getting geared up to send out another batch of submissions. Some magazines have submission windows, and there are a fair number in February.

I’ve taken to keeping a note of the various requirements magazines have for submissions, such as email or no email, attachments or no attachments, numbers of poems in a submission, font and size (some do specify), line spacing, author name on each page (or not) and the like. Some now use systems like Submittable as a portal, and that seems to work well, usually. There’s no standard format between magazines, but that’s understandable, given that all editors are different.

So I looked at the non-acceptances, and decided that some of them needed revising, and that led to a systematic look at all of my recently completed poems. I’ve now divided them up into A- and B-listers, and concluded that some of the latter aren’t worth any further effort at the moment. I decided that some of them will probably never see the light of day in any publication, so they’re weeded right out. But that kind of objective assessment  and critical appraisal is good for any working writer. You have to be honest with yourself.

I’m left with a much smaller batch of poems, some stronger for a necessary rewrite. I now need to match them up with a list of possible publications, print and web, and focus on what their editors might be looking for.

I’ve also done my first public reading of the year – always enjoyable to get audience reaction to poems – and I’m planning set lists for next month’s readings.

And the first new poems of 2015 are written, and set aside for future editing.


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