From The Book of Ways

I’m delighted by the reactions of people who have read sections of The Book of Ways. The way it’s written encourages dipping and out, rather than reading it in one gulp. So below is one of the haibun which make up the book, to give you a flavour of that combination of poetic prose plus haiku which makes haibun. It’s available from Red Squirrel Press and from Inpress Books. Signed copies are available from my own website.

Above the map

We park in the lay-by signposted ‘Viewpoint’. It’s a cold afternoon in December, sunny, with the wind blowing from somewhere chill. Two days earlier it had snowed hard, and our route until now has been between snow-banks pushed to the side of the road by the ploughs.

The sun, near setting, is reflected from the mountains as golden highlights, purple shadows. In the distance we can see the peaks of Skye, and far below us the loch gleams, a flat mirror framed by dark pines dusted with snow. The glen is steep-sided. with the road ascending on the northern flank.

We breathe deeply, trying to inhale the beauty of the scene, until we know we have to leave to reach our destination before nightfall, over the high arch of the Skye bridge. As we turn away we suddenly realise that the loch, from this one point of perspective and no other, almost perfectly resembles a map of Scotland.

Loch Garry
in the winter sun
the whole thing

Copyright © Colin Will 2014



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