Counting the publications

I will freely admit it to being a numbers person. I’ve got some maths in my first degree, so it goes with the territory. And I’ve always loved doing mental arithmetic, ever since primary school. But I have a numbers problem.

I was doing a reading last year, and the MC asked me how many books I’d published, and I said five, meaning five full-length collections, and he said, “According to your website you’ve published seven.” But that figure included two pamphlets, yet it didn’t include the e-books, some of which are full-length and others pamphlets. So how should I count them? Here’s a list:

Thirteen Ways of Looking At the Highlands (full collection, paperback, Diehard, 1996)
Seven Senses (full collection, hardback, Diehard, 2000)
Mementoliths (pamphlet, Calder Wood Press, 2005)
Sushi & Chips (full collection, paperback, Diehard, 2006)
Recycled Cards (pamphlet-sized e-book, Kindle, 2009)
Mementoliths 2 (pamphlet-sized e-book, revised, Kindle, 2009)
The floorshow at the Mad Yak Café (full collection, Red Squirrel, 2010)
Thirteen Ways (Kindle edition, 2011)
Seven Senses (Kindle edition, revised, 2011)
The propriety of weeding (full collection, Red Squirrel, 2012)
The year’s six seasons (pamphlet, Calder Wood Press, 2013)

How many does that add up to? Five full collections? Seven printed editions? Eleven all published formats? A lot of words, anyway.

How many poems have I written in total? Around 800. And how many of those have been published? About 350.


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