Into the new year

New Year’s Day was a quiet one. I didn’t celebrate Hogmanay – never do – but I was up early and did a run through the dark streets of Dunbar, along Queens Road and down to the East Beach, up the steep hill that is Victoria Street, along the High Street and home just as the dawn was breaking. Only four other folk were out and about at that time of the morning, but a few cars passed me. I managed to keep running for what must have been a couple of miles.

Later, Jane and I walked back into town and along the Promenade, where I took this picture.


This is an area of flat-lying rocks with marked right-angle joints, adjacent to a deposit of volcanic ash, I haven’t yet been down there to check the composition of the rocks. From above, it looks like a sandstone.

Back into town, in time for the Dunbar Dip. I didn’t count the participants, but the crowds were larger than in previous year. In a bitingly cold wind, the group dashed into the waves at noon, but they didn’t stay in long, and who could blame them. The wonder is that they did it at all.


Home again for lunch, and then I had a little whisky to welcome the year, and managed to write my first poem of the year. Last year I created a private blog for draft poems, during NaPoWriMo. I decided yesterday to make it public, and to use it for posting draft poems I won’t be submitting to magazines. You can follow it here. Later I joined Jo Bell’s new Facebook group, which is a closed group for drafts, and wrote my second poem of the day. The aim is to write a new poem every week, which I should be able to manage. In 2013 I wrote nearly 80 poems.


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