Publishing programme

I had intended publishing Jo Gibson’s second poetry pamphlet this year, and, with the help of friends, a volume of short stories by Jill Madden, both members of the Dunbar Writers. Then, in January, it occurred to me that I might self-publish a volume of my ‘local’ poems – those inspired by East Lothian and surrounding places. So I thought, “Why not publish all three titles simultaneously?” I talked it over with Jill and Jo, and we all thought it was (a) a great idea and (b) practical, although I could see there would be scheduling difficulties. The main problem was that Jill’s stories existed as typescripts or in hand-written form. Another friend, Karen Dietz, offered to word-process them, and the stories trickled in. The Dunbar community has some very wonderful people in it, and the artist and photographer Gordon Jenkinson offered to design a cover from Jill’s daughter Sarah’s sketches. I was nervous, but it has all come together, with the last pieces falling into place in the past few days. I’ve got it all now.

Another dimension was that I wanted to try out a new local printer, so I decided to send my pamphlet to them first. I’m very pleased with the result:



So that’s the first one printed and in store. Jo Gibson’s pamphlet, Everything I thought I knew, is now with the printers:


And the third one, Jill’s wonderful stories, will be printed next.


All three will be launched together at a special event in the Gibb Room of Dunbar’s new Bleachingfield Centre, on the 12th of April. I’ll advertise that event nearer the time.

Working on three books at the same time is not something I’d recommend lightly, but I’ve always liked multi-tasking. And it’s been fun.


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