January send-out

Yesterday I finished the January send-out of poems to magazines and online journals. I’m now waiting for the acceptances and non-acceptances to come in. I sent out to nine editors eventually – five print magazines and four online e-zines. A few years ago it would have been only print magazines I’d have sent to, but I recognise the quality of some e-zines, and I’d be very happy to be published in them, if the editors like the poems.

I’ve got some other poems I’m holding back at the moment, because the publishing schedule of a couple of magazines means it’s a bit early to send them things. I’m still waiting to hear about one of last year’s submissions, and I won’t know until some time in February. There were three poems in that submission, and I’ve got hopes for two of them.

I only send to magazines I read myself. That way I know the kind of poems they’re likely to be looking for.

There’s a huge difference in the time editors take to make up their minds about submissions. I tend to make up my mind very quickly about the poems that are submitted to Poetry Scotland’s Open Mouse, but some editors have such large slush-piles that it can take a very long time. There’s one magazine I no longer submit to, because a submission took fourteen months to reply to. That’s just unacceptable.


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One Response to January send-out

  1. sunnydunny says:

    As of February 4th I’ve had more than a dozen acceptances, so it’s been a most successful start to the year.

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