Finished revising

I’ve had a bit of time to myself lately, so the revision job I thought would take me weeks is actually more or less finished. I’ve just printed them out and re-read them on paper, discovering the odd typo, mistake, etc, and I’m going through them once more. A few I’ve decided I’m not going to publish, for various reasons, but it still leaves me with around forty revised poems to consider sending out, along with the newer ones from 2012 and 2011 I didn’t send out before.

Today I got my copy of the broadsheet magazine Poetry Scotland, and I’ve got three poems in the ‘Luckie Mucklebackit’ issue (there are three issues this time). Luckie Mucklebackit is the name of a steam engine I wrote about in one of my poems in the magazine.

So it’s turning out to be a very productive end to 2012 for me. I hope that some at least of the revised poems will find good homes in magazines and e-zines.

Happy New Year to everyone who reads this.

Colin Will


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