The CWP website

I’m starting to think about a redesign of the Calder Wood Press website. The present design has been going for three years now, and every site needs refreshed from time to time. The home page is getting a bit bulky now, with cluttered navigation and a huge list of 30 links to author pages. At the moment I’m thinking about a link to an ‘Authors’ page with thumbnails of author photos and links to their individual pages. That saves on the rewriting. I do want to continue to give each CWP author a page of their own, with listings, biography, author photo, reviews etc. The Catalogue page should be renamed as the Online Shop, and simplified. I can split it into two parts – a top half for New Titles, which will have cover images – and a lower half for Back Catalogue, which will be a straight listing with links for payment. I might have a montage page of book covers, because they’ve always been an important part of book design for the press.

Winter was always a good time for walking in Calder Wood Country Park, which is where the press got its name, and I might take a trip out there and take some photographs which might be suitable for a banner or a background. At one time I did think about changing the name, since I now live and work in Dunbar, but it seems a huge hassle.

I’m swithering about redesigning my personal website too, but that can come later.


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