StAnza 2012

My StAnza 2012 starts Thursday with readings from Gerry Cambridge and Tusiata Avia. In the afternoon it’ Alan Buckley and Catherine Hales, then in the evening Michael Symmons Roberts and Kwame Dawes.
Friday I’m taking in the Poetry Café Breakfast, lunch with Claudia Daventry, and in the afternoon I join Alastair Cook and Luca Nasciuti for Filmpoem Live, performing with Jane McKie, Jo Bell, Jennifer Williams and Kevin Cadwallender. The evening session is by Chase Twichell and Lavinia Greenlaw. I may or may not take part in the Risk A Verse session. Saturday I’m back for more breakfast for a view of icons. From noon to 4 I’m at the Poets Market, representing (and, I hope, selling) Calder Wood Press publications, including the St Andrews launch of Alec Finlay’s Question your teaspoons. The big evening event features Jackie Kay and Christopher Reid. Sunday morning I’m looking forward to Simon Barraclough and Gill Andrews. In the afternoon I’m taking part in the Split Screen event in the Studio Theatre, and I’ll be back for Lyn Moir’s reading from Velázquez’s Riddle. My final event is the reading with Kathleen Jamie and Grace Nichols. Along the way I’ll take in the Stereoscope exhibition, which has one of my poems in it, and I may very well decide to go to other events as things develop. It’s a moveable feast.


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5 Responses to StAnza 2012

  1. Great selection. I hope the Calderwood launch goes well. Moira

  2. sunnydunny says:

    Thanks Moira. I missed StAnza last year, so I’m really looking forward to getting back in the thick of it. Colin

  3. marion says:

    I’ll see you there, I’ll be in St Andrews from Friday afternoon. Very jealous you’re getting to the Kathleen Jamie reading, unfortunately I can’t stay for it.

  4. Wish I could be there – is it always in March? I could plan for the next one if so…

  5. sunnydunny says:

    Hi Marion. See you there.

    Frances: Yes, it’s annual. See

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