Blowin in the Wind

Hogmanay and Ne’er Day have come and gone, making little or no impression on me. I didn’t make any resolutions this year (I never do); I didn’t do a ‘Best of 2011’ (too much like hard work), but I’ll do some predictions for 2012.

1. I will turn 70 this year. That’s a definite. Sally Evans and I will be celebrating at a 140th birthday bash in Dunblane in April, although my birthday isn’t until July.

2. 2012 will be the Year of the Dragon. That’s another definite. I’m told by One Who Knows that it’s a fairly auspicious year for a Horse like me.

3. Jane and I are off to Madagascar very soon. I will soon be able to see if lemurs really do say “Move It” as my grandson tells me they do.

3. My new poetry collection will be published this year by Red Squirrel Scotland. It’s called ‘The Propriety of Weeding’, that being the name of the gardeners’ lodge in the Summer Palace, Beijing, and given that this book contains a lot of poems on plants and gardens, among other subjects.

4. I’ll be at StAnza in March, taking part in Alastair Cook’s filmpoem set, along with other friends.

5. I’m publishing Alec Finlay’s ‘Question your teaspoons’. Subtitled Stonypathian memories, it’s a series of very evocative poems about his childhood.

6. Dunbar Writers will get a grant to compile and publish an anthology of imaginative writings about the closes that lead off Dunbar High Street. (That one’s a hope)

7. Calder Wood Press will get a grant to publish an anthology of new poems on climate change. (Another hope)

8. Jane and I will be visiting Avignon in September (that’s definite).

9. I will be leading an expedition of friends around Dunbar in April (definite). These visits are of an historic and cultural nature, as befits our circle, and will include offering and receiving libations in several ale-houses in the town in the interests of quality control for the Dunbar Experience.

10. I will find my old address book, which I am certain I did not throw out.


A Guid New Year tae yin an a’.


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2 Responses to Blowin in the Wind

  1. chris says:

    See you in Avignon!

  2. sunnydunny says:

    Looking forward to it.

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