The Skye trip

Loch Garry

Loch Garry as a natural map of Scotland

Jane and I first went to Skye in 1963, on a climbing course offered by the Scottish YHA. We stayed at the hostel in Glen Brittle, and set out from there each day to climb in the Cuillin. It still seems rather astonishing to me that our first climb that first day was the infamous Cioch on the Sron na Ciche precipice. But we did it, continuing to the summit of Sgurr Sgumain and descending by the Stone Shoot. Later in the week we climbed Sgurr Thearlaich’s Buttress, a gully route with a ‘chimney’ at the top, Sgurr Banachdich, and best of all Sgurr a Mhadaidh, with its stunning view down to Loch Coruik and Loch Scavaig. It was during our time there that we decided to get married, which we did in 1966. So this being our 45th anniversary we decided to revisit Skye and to explore some of the parts we hadn’t seen before.

We drove north in a torrential downpour, with the roads frequently flooded, and a spectacular release of excess water from the Laggan Dam.

Laggan Dam

Once on Skye the weather improved, and we had a great time. Here’s the Storr, photographed from Portree’s Apothecary’s Tower:

The Storr

On our last full day we went to Dunvegan and explored the beautiful gardens. Castles don’t do much for me, but gardens always do. Then on Saturday, a beautiful dawn, and we came home. I couldn’t resist the Loch Garry photo at the top.


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5 Responses to The Skye trip

  1. How romantic! 🙂 I remember the gardens at Dunvegan castle, very beautiful in the low mist.

  2. sunnydunny says:

    It’s a lovely garden in a very atmospheric setting.

  3. gift says:

    Thank god some bloggers can write. Thank you for this piece of writing.

  4. شیراز says:

    This definitely makes great sense to anyone!!!

  5. What a truly joy of a piece of writing!!!

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