The hidden door

Hidden Door is a creative festival that sees 40 bands, 60 artists, 20 poets and 20 film-makers come together for an exclusive weekend in Edinburgh. It’s held in what was the old Roxy Art Centre, and before that a church. It’s a good space for events like this, with a main stage area, exhibition space, and several smaller performance spaces. I read there last year, the first Hidden Door mini-festival, and I enjoyed it very much. The audiences were different from the ones I usually see at poetry readings, and they enjoyed it too. I’m delighted that it’s on again this year, from 22nd to 24th October.

There’s a strand – Impossible Journeys – which sees poetry-based installations which have arisen from collaborations between poets, artists and film-makers. Then there’s a series of poetry readings spaced through the 23rd and 24th. Subject to confirmation, I’m in the 5pm slot on the Saturday, along with Jennifer Williams and Kevin Williamson. Images will be projected behind us as we read, and I’m spending some time this weekend deciding what I’m going to read – which is normal – and which images will go with them – which is exciting and different.

Tickets are available from Brown Paper Tickets.


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