Autumnal notes

Rosa gallica

Into October again, and the signs of Autumn are increasing, but this Rosa gallica in my garden has been blooming since summer, and it will carry on until the frosts.

Walking along into town this morning I noticed that the ivy flowers are opening, and the bushes are busy with late-season wasps keen to fill up with nectar. The smell of ivy blossom is something only a wasp could love, but the black berries which follow in winter are welcomed by thrushes. The sea looked lovely today, fairly quiet, but with a widely-spaced low swell, and the waves breaking creamily on the rocks. Sycamore leaves are starting to brown and fall, and in places the air has that sweet smell of fermentation as things start to rot down.

Harvesting on the allotment is carrying on, but for how much longer? The courgettes will stop soon, and I’ll see how many of my onions are ripe enough to dry for winter. Pak choi has been great – I’ve two or three left – and so has the fennel. Carrots and beetroot are wonderful, but the mice ate my pea crop. The dwarf French waxpod beans have been very prolific, and I’ll leave the rest to mature into haricot jaune for drying. The success of the allotment, in the short time since I started it in July, means that we are definitely going to invest in a freezer. The one we have in the kitchen is far too small. I’m already planning what to plant next year. I’ll have a corner for oriental veg, and I’m growing raspberries along a fence I’ve built at the back of the plot, on the sunny side next to the grape vine. This afternoon we’re having an allotment meeting, combining it with a social get-together. The weather seems set fine for it, and I’ll take some more photos later.

My brain’s getting itchy to do more writing now, but I’ve got three more pamphlets to publish before the end of the year, and the Arts Trust and writers’ group commitments are filling in the remaining spaces in my schedule. Together with my fellow Dunbar poet Jo Gibson I’ve launched a new website for the writers, and yesterday I built a new forum and linked it to the site.


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