Coincidences and Three Cheers

As some readers know, I do a regular weekly book spot on community radio East Coast FM, where I bring in local authors for interview with the Morning Show’s presenter, Jim Anderson. Well, I met up with today’s author, the distinguished and prolific medical thriller writer Ken McClure, and he floored me immediately by asking if I had attended Craiglockhart Primary School. It turned out we were in the same class! We exchanged reminiscences of the school, and of its most famous teacher, Norman MacCaig. Ken reckons Norman taught him sarcasm, although he didn’t know what it was at the time. I know what he means; that drawn-out delivery of his could be cutting, although it went over my head at the time. I reminded Ken that he’d taught us both Scottish country dancing in the ‘qually’ year.

Ken has had 22 novels published, and the latest one – Dust to Dust – was launched in Haddington last night. He has a scientific background, which naturally informs his work. A TV company is currently filming a series of six of his stories, and I look forward to seeing it. I mentioned that I’m giving a talk with readings on ‘Science In Poetry’ in Penicuik library next week.

The Cheers? Well, it’s actually Four Cheers, but that’s not traditional. Four Calder Wood Press authors had successes yesterday. Juliet Wilson’s launch, at the Water of Leith Visitor Centre (well worth a visit, by the way) was a lovely event, with readings from Juliet, and music by Belvedere Mountain Express. Thanks to Sandie of the Visitor Centre for friendly and helpful hospitality.

Then three Calder Wood Press authors have poems in the new issue of Horizon Review. Anna Dickie and Anne Connolly have a collaborative poem here, and 2011 author Marion McCready has one here. Juliet and Marion also tell me they’ve had poems accepted for Anon magazine.

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3 Responses to Coincidences and Three Cheers

  1. How funny to meet someone from school like that!

    Thanks for the mention, it was a good evening!

  2. Marion says:

    How exciting to be called a Calder Wood Press author!! 🙂 I love the new header.

  3. sunnydunny says:

    Thanks Marion. You’re a member of the family now.

    The header is from my original photo of the floorshow at the Mad Yak Cafe in Lhasa.

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