Iceland’s got bankers who are as bad as ours, but its scenery is wonderful. This is the amazing Gullfoss waterfall.

Why am I posting on Iceland? Well, DunbarJane is stuck in Frankfurt because of the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull. When we were in Iceland a few years ago it was fairly quiet, just a fissure eruption on Hekla.

Not my picture, but this is what a fissure eruption looks like. The Eyja… eruption is of the Plinian type, because it jets gas and ash high into the atmosphere. It’s also phreatic, because there’s an explosive reaction between the eruptives and surface water – in this case the glacier ice and meltwater which caps the volcano.

Here’s a photo of the geysir Strokkur, also spectacular.

The water in the pool bulges up and then the steam blasts out.

Here’s a poem I wrote at Thingvellir, site of Europe’s first parliament, and the place where you can see plate tectonics in action.


We stood, on the true edge of America,
looked across the sundered ground
at Europe’s distant scarp.

In between, light snow flurries
came and went, hazing the short walk
between the continents.

Colin Will
Thingvellir, Iceland,


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One Response to Iceland

  1. Dominic says:

    Always very evocative, being at a place where two worlds meet. Once skinnydipped in a mountain stream near Crianlarich which I believe became both the Forth and the Clyde (I think I’ve got my geography right!).

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