Kokopelli’s Dream

Dunbar Writers’ group has a wide range of interests in its membership. Some are primarily poets, others prose writers, and the range of subjects covered is wide and varied. Juliana Geer writes poetry and prose – some readers may remember her reading at the Callander Poetry Weekend events in recent years. She has now produced a book – Kokopelli’s Dream – which she describes as ‘visionary fiction’.

For those who don’t know who Kokopelli is, he’s a fertility deity associated with the Native Americans of the Southwest USA. He’s linked with childbirth and agriculture, also with music – he plays the flute. He’s a trickster. I first came across him in Arizona, on a Navajo reservation near Monument Valley, but he’s universal in that area. Juliana has visited the Hopi people and has travelled widely in the region.

Juliana’s book was produced by Les Merton, editor of Poetry Cornwall, and another Callander regular. It will be available from local outlets in Berwickshire and East Lothian, and is now available online from Palores Publications on eBay.

 Here’s how Juliana describes the book:
‘A powerful dream sends Ana Clair in search of her destiny. On her journey she encounters books, people and experiences that take her beyond her horizons. There is her psychic friend in Cornwall, the Aztec flute player in Canada, the Very Old Man of the Mesa in Arizona and a young man of her own age, a carver of Kachina dolls, on the Hopi reservation. Then there are the children. Together they fulfill the prophesy of the Hopi people and realise Kokopelli’s dream, the collective dream of mankind.’

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