stone and sea

When I first opened Morgan Downie’s MS file I was excited. When I started working on the book I was even more excited. Normally I work with authors to cut down their selection to pamphlet size, but in this case I couldn’t cut it at all. So it will come out as Calder Wood Press‘s first full-length collection – nearly 70 pages. The poetry is vivid, passionate, moving and full of original insights. It hangs together as a thematic collection, but within the theme there is a large range and diversity of subject and treatment. Are you getting the picture? I love this book.

Speaking of picture, I suppose it’s natural that one who lives by the sea and loves our coast as I do would have come up with a cover design to fit the theme. (Well, I think it does). It should be going to the printers in early February.


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6 Responses to stone and sea

  1. sorlil says:

    I LOVE the picture, quite disorientating in a perfect sea sense. Can’t wait to get a copy.

  2. Nat Hall says:

    Fantastic image! …So familiar 😉

  3. Colin Will says:

    I was trying to capture a kind of ‘looking out, looking in’ mood, while including the sea and stones, and the natural and man-made.

  4. roxana says:

    wow! i can’t wait…

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