Calder Wood Press 2009

In March we launched Lillias Scott Forbes: A Hesitant Opening of Parasols in Waterstones Bookshop, St Andrews. Irene Brown: Glass Slippers followed a week later in Duo Books shoe shop in Edinburgh.

David C Purdie: The Godothin was launched in the Scottish Poetry Library in June, and two days later Mary Johnston: Fa dis she think she is? was the question on everyone’s lips in Dalkeith Library.

Gerry Urwin: A Muse To Amuse was published in September, but not formally launched until December, for a variety of reasons. The Town House in Haddington was the venue.

Kevin Cadwallender: Dog Latin had an Edinburgh launch in the Underground Café in November, followed by a Newcastle launch at the Bridge Hotel a few days later.

Lyn Moir: Easterly, Force 10 launched in St Andrews, again in Waterstones, in November, and Jane Mary Wilde: Words, words, words made its first appearance at the Pamphlet Fair in the National Library of Scotland earlier this week. We’re having a joint launch for Jane and Lyn at the Scottish Poetry Library on 20th January 2010, to which you’re all invited.

All of these books are available painlessly and securely through the Calder Wood Press website and, I will aver, would make ideal Christmas presents.

Like the piece of schmutter the books are lying on? I picked it up in an emporium touristique in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile last week. As some of you may know, I’m of Clan Gunn, which has these colours in it, but reversed, being predominantly green with blue as opposed to blue with green. So maybe it’s the Gnu tartan?


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2 Responses to Calder Wood Press 2009

  1. Cory says:

    I really loved that post, I am a little confused, and have a tiny question. May I send you an email?

  2. sunnydunny says:

    Thanks Cory. Yes, by all means email me through the Contact page of the website –

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