The Half-Century Slam

Although the field was diminished by illness and by other poetry events in town, last night’s Voxbox Half-Century Slam was great fun. Joy Hendry won it, deservedly. I thought her choice of poems was excellent, and she performed them very well. And it was great to see her in such good spirits, and happy that the latest issue of Chapman is finally out.

I placed second, and the poem in my second round was the highest-scoring individual poem of the whole evening, so I’m very happy. For the record, my set list was: Thirteen Ways: Scenic and Cynical; Confession, and Neither bang nor whimper.


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3 Responses to The Half-Century Slam

  1. Rachel Fox says:

    Well done, Colin! Were you judged by under 50s or overs or a mix, just out of interest?

  2. Claire A says:

    Sounds fab Colin — I had hoped to be there, but was just snowed under in the end. Well done on your success… and to Joy, too!

  3. sunnydunny says:

    Rachel: The judges were 2:1 under:over 50. The two unders are big-time slammers from the Chemical Poets.

    Claire: Many thanks. After Joy’s third poem I was in no doubt she was going to win – she was strong in all three rounds.

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