A slow watch

I’m not exactly having a dry spell just now, there’s a lot of stuff bubbling under, like the magnificent geyser Strokkur, in Iceland. (It’s very close to the original geyser ‘Geysir’, which unfortunately hasn’t done much since its internal plumbing was interfered with. Washing soda crystals were involved, I believe.

 Strokkur, Iceland

Also bubbling under is the magma chamber beneath the Phlegraean Fields, near Naples, where Dante set the opening to Hell, and who could blame him. As you walk over the hot, trembling ground, you sense an eruption is imminent, and if you throw a rock into the air and wait for it to land, you hear a hollow thump, as if someone’s knocking on an empty tomb. And this is the place some geologists want to drill into, to reach the magma chamber! Call me a cynical ex-geologist, but I think it’ll end in tears.  

Phlegraean Fields

All this is by way of being an extended geological metaphor for the fact that I haven’t written much for the last few weeks, but lots of ideas are pretty close to surfacing. “Some day it will blow” as I have written elsewhere. One of the ideas is for a song lyric to the melody of ‘In a Silent Way’ (but would I dare to sing it?). Another is for a new ‘quantum’ poem cotaining the line ‘smelling like a Lothario’s boudoir’ (I know, it needs work). Today in Edinburgh, waiting at bus stops and the soaked air filled with curses and wrecked umbrellas, might be just the washing soda I need.


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