Music on websites

I know some people have background music on their blogs or websites, but I’ve never been tempted so far –  in fact I usually have the speakers switched off when I’m browsing. But I’ve been listening to music tonight while relaxing, having gone as far as I can this afternoon putting the next book together, and it’s been my usual random choice of whatever I fancy at the moment – a bit of tenor jazz, some medieval polyphony, some Cohen, some Zappa – you know how it goes. What would I choose to put in background on my website? No idea. And on this blog? Haven’t a clue. What would you put on your site, Gentle Reader? And why?


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3 Responses to Music on websites

  1. Jim Murdoch says:

    On the whole I detest clicking onto a site and being hit by a wall of music I have no interest in listening to, especially if there’s no quick way to shut it off apart from turning your sound off which takes me so long to figure out that it’s easier just the close the damn page and move on. It’s not as if there’s a shortage of pages to look at out there.

    If someone passed a stupid law that said I had to have music on my website I’d pick the least intrusive piece I could think of like ‘Für Alina’ or ‘Spiegel im Spiegel’ by Arvo Pärt.

  2. I won’t put music on my website. I hate clicking onto people’s blog and be forced to listen to their musical taste. I’d prefer to chose my own background music and not inflict it on others.

  3. I don’t like music on blogs or websites if its just there for background. I love browsing band pages on Myspace though, where the music is intended to be listened to.

    I wouldn’t put music on my blog but i am tempted to put my musical collaboration pieces on my Myspace page

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