It’s National Poetry Day, and Calder Wood Press is marking the day by announcing the authors whose chapbooks will be published in 2010. The actual schedule isn’t quite settled yet, but the names are as follows:

Mercedes Clarasó
Geoff Cooper
Morgan Downie
Christine Ford
Eddie Gibbons
Judith Stewart
Judith Taylor
Juliet Wilson

Some of them will be familiar to readers, others may not, but I know their work, and I believe it should be more widely available – that’s my purpose in publishing.

Here are the covers of the final two chapbooks for 2009:

Easterly, Force 10Words, words, words










Lyn Moir’s poems are marvellous evocations of living by the sea, written in a subtle and personal manner. Jane’s chapbook starts with memories of her early life in India, and moves on to include reflections on many other subjects.

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5 Responses to CWP on NPD

  1. Rachel Fox says:

    Those I know…Downie, Taylor, Wilson…are excellent. What a team!

  2. A fine looking line up indeed! Thanks for including me!

  3. So pleased to see CGP – alias Juliet – in the list. I love the covers.

  4. Barbara S says:

    There you are! I missed the changeover in the busy weeks I’ve been having – no time to read my subscriptions!

    Sounds like you’ve been very busy yourself. I admire your ability to work with children; I think they’re the best fun of all to work with – fewer preconceptions to shatter 😉

    Calder Wood is going from strength to strength; can’t wait to hear how the launches go and how the poets fare out.

    Happy, belated, Poetry Day to you!

  5. sunnydunny says:

    Thanks to all. Yes, it’s been a busy wee time lately, but very enjoyable. Barbara: great to see you here, and you so busy yourself.

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