Liz Lochhead

I’ve been reading Liz Lochhead’s work for many years now.  Her 1972 first collection Memo for Spring (long out of print, but I think I read it in the Scottish Poetry Library), contains fresh and original poetry which I enjoyed very much. In her later collections she was including dramatic monologues and dialogues, and it was obvious that she was moving in the direction of combining her poetry with writing for the theatre. I remember seeing (in Edinburgh’s Lyceum I think) a wonderful translation of Moliere into Scots rhyming couplets, which was hilarious. Then of course she wrote a famous play about Mary Queen of Scots.

Anyway, this week we took my mother, who is approaching her 90th birthday, to see Liz’s new play Good Things at the Pitlochry Theatre. It was very funny, touching and very human, qualities I also associate with Liz’s poetry, and we all had a great time. The hotel was Victorian and very comfortable, but I think I’ll draw a veil over the dinner. And the Perthshire scenery was at its magnificent best. We drove my mother home via the Sma’ Glen, which is a stunning spot. What do you think?Sma' Glen, near Crieff, Perthshire


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One Response to Liz Lochhead

  1. Rachel Fox says:

    The Scots don’t seem to use the phrase ‘national treasure’ as much as the Unglish but I think Liz Lochhead probably is one. She’s brulliant!

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