Moray poem

One of the poems I wrote in Elgin was about the crash of a rescue helicopter on Ben More (the one near Crianlarich). Googling back I see that the crash was in 1987, so it must have been 1988 when I climbed the mountain. The crew had taken on a police sergeant, member of the mountain rescue team, and, sadly, he died in the crash. The other crew members were rescued by the MRT. Sadly too, the lost climber was found dead the following day.  Anyway, here’s the draft poem:


Ben More, the year after the crash;
scattered flecks of yellow paint
hinted at the nature of the thing
that fell out of the sky.

Even then, the rank smell of aviation fuel
hung in the mountain winds.
The black patch on the hillside
was off my route, and in any case
there was nothing to see. Move along.


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2 Responses to Moray poem

  1. Rachel Fox says:

    I like the last line…and the colours (simple but effective use of).

  2. Colin Will says:

    Thanks Rachel. There was a middle verse, but it cluttered the poem up, so I took it out.

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