Callander Poetry Weekend 2009

I’m heading off for Callander this afternoon, and I’ll be taking part in the events on Saturday and Sunday. It’s one of the highlights of my poetry year, and I’m looking forward to meeting up with old friends and hopefully making new ones. The full programme is on the Newsboard page of the Poetry Scotland website. I’m very happy to hear that the Itinerant Poetry Librarian will be there for the weekend. Those of us who follow her blog already know what an interesting life she leads, and it’ll be great to meet her at last. You can catch her website here, and her blog here.

My local informant says that it has stopped raining in that area, so the road should be OK for the journey up. I drove through the torrential rain to Carstairs yesterday for a poetry workshop with the State Hospital patients. That’s been a regular visit for me for several years now. I first made contact with the Librarian there when I was President of the Scottish Library Association. She mentioned they had/have a book group with an interest in poetry, and I’ve visited them ever since. Group membership has changed over the years, obviously, but there’s still a core of patients keenly interested in poetry – they recently had a return visit from my friend Maureen Sangster. Yesterday I read some poems, and then we got round to discussing a subject that we all have in common – our attitudes to food. It’s not a simple subject, since some of them have specific issues with food. They covered a wide range of food-related topics in their own poems and, as always, the experience was mutually enlightening.


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