Gutter and off

I’ve just received my copy of the new Scottish-based magazine Gutter, and a well turned out production it is. Fiction, poetry and reviews grace its pages, and I look forward to making it my holiday reading in the next fortnight. The list of contributors contains a lot of writers I know, but that would be true of almost any Scottish magazine. I’ll just say well done to Rob, Shug, Trish, Bill, Jennifer, Cheryl, Stuart, Hazel and everyone else. It’s nice to have a new vehicle for writers of quality to be published in, and I hope to join you in future editions.

I’m offski. If I can sneak into an internet cafe while I’m away I might blog, but more likely not.
PS: I’ve got a ‘shortie’ coming up in A Handful of Stones soon, and a longer one in qarrtsiluni.  I think they’ll appear while I’m away.


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One Response to Gutter and off

  1. shug says:

    have a good holiday, Colin

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