Tutti Frutti on the way

I loved this programme when it came out in 1987 (yes, it really was that long ago), and I’ve never understood why the BBC didn’t release it on video a long time ago. However, I’ve just heard that it’s about to be released on DVD on 3rd August. Needless to say I’ll be ordering it.

The performances by Robbie Coltrane, Emma Thompson, Richard Wilson, Katy Murphy as ‘Miss Toner’ etc were first class (as I remember), and it was a masterly and realistic rendering of the life of a rather seedy band trying to engineer a revival. As one who was in a band in the early 1960s but wasn’t tempted to recreate crappy gigs, backstage ‘dressing rooms’ and drinking too much to convince myself my playing was good, I just loved reliving it all. That’s how it was, I seem to remember.


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One Response to Tutti Frutti on the way

  1. apprentice says:

    I'm not a box set fan, but I'll probably get it too, it was a fantastic series, with great actors and an amazing script.

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