Getting back to normal, whatever that is

The new hard disk and motherboard are working well, and the additional memory has speeded things up considerably. I’m left with a few problems though. It looks like my old system failed to write some of my photos to disk properly, so I’ve lost some. It’s a small proportion, but annoying. The other thing is I forgot to back up my accounting files – or I’ve forgotten where I backed them up to, so I’m having to rebuild my accounts manually for the last and present financial years. It’ll take me a couple of days. Fortunately I had done a pencilled reckoning of my I & E for the tax return, so that won’t hold me back.

On the plus side, and it’s a nice plus, I have a poem up on a handful of stones today (and another two to come). It’s a nice site for those very short poems, complete in themselves, which are hard to place in conventional magazines. They’re what Norman MacCaig used to call ‘wee poems’. It’s a site I enjoy reading, so I’m very glad to be there.

The other plus is that yesterday I received the first of the cards I’ve been working on with Alec Finlay. Nest boxes, each labelled with cryptic clues, have been placed in Springburn Park, Glasgow, the St Andrews Botanic Garden, and Edinburgh’s George Square garden (plus one at Kings Buildings). My contribution was to write walks between the nest boxes in the gardens, giving additional facts about the trees, but not naming them. The cards look great, and it’s one of the more unusual commissions I’ve had, but that’s part of the joy of working with Alec.


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3 Responses to Getting back to normal, whatever that is

  1. Crafty Green Poet says:

    the nest box project sounds intriguing…..

  2. Titus says:

    That looks like a lovely site, thanks for the pointer.

  3. Colin Will says:

    CGP: If you're near George Square it's worth looking for the boxes.

    Titus: It's a really good site, and worth encouraging.

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