What a week!

Two book launches and a ‘happening’ this week – I’m shattered. Mary Johnston’s book was launched tonight in Dalkeith Library, with Mary reading and Jim McIntosh playing fiddle. A lovely audience of around 40 gave Mary’s book a great send-off.

Wednesday was Dave Purdie’s launch in the Scottish Poetry Library. Dave’s twin brother Bob, Dave and myself read sections from the poem, and we had songs from Dave’s daughter Lesley-Anne and anecdotes from Bill Hill, plus some well-chosen words from Professor David Purdie, Dave’s medical namesake.

The quality of the poetry in both is wonderful, and I’m very proud to have published them both. Mary’s launch was always scheduled for tonight, and Dave’s was going to be later, but he was going in to hospital today, so I pulled it forward to Wednesday. Two launches in a week isn’t ideal, but it was a case of “Yes we can.” And we did.

In between, last night the Writers’ Group had a reading in the temporary Dunbar Arts Hub, which we’re hoping might develop into something more permanent. We also had singing from the Dunbar Community Choir on the pavement outside the Hub. It was a great night, and it reminded me of the impromptu ‘happenings’ of the 1960s.


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