The fine art of writing blurbs

I’m quite often asked to contribute sentences, maybe paragraphs even, to writers’ blurbs. Equally, as publisher, I ask other writers to say something on the back covers of the books I produce. I choose authors I know will be sympathetic to the book’s author, or authors suggested by ‘my’ authors, and so far I’ve been delighted with the results.

I have to say though, to those who haven’t written one before, it’s a difficult thing to do, and I very much appreciate the time and thought that goes into these things. I’m not looking for lit crit, or for a summary of content, but an indication of how another author views the MS I send them. It needs to be succinct, bright, personal, and positive.

As a wee exercise for the writers who read this, pick a favourite book and (without reading the blurb) write 100 words that might help it be noticed. I’d be keen to read your versions in the comments.


A quiet day today, so I’ve been working out my finances in advance of the tax submission. Time for a wee tate o malt, I think. If the first one doesn’t hit the spot, I’m sure the second will.


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