Akros Publications to close

My friend Duncan Glen ran Akros Publications until his death last year. He published a wide range of publications, from poetry to local history, including the wonderfully eclectic (and at times eccentric) magazine Zed2O. I was very happy to build and to manage a website on his behalf, and to work with him on its updates and developments. After his death his widow asked me to continue with it until she had decided what to do about the press. Well, I suppose inevitably, she told me this evening that she’s closing the press at the end of the month, and I’ll close the website at the same time. End of an era, end of a good man and his good publishing house, end of an independent and kenspeckle Scottish literary and cultural magazine.

It leaves a gap though, in a field which is already sparsely populated. I don’t know what the print run was for Zed2O, and I doubt if another print publisher could be found to take on a relaunch, but I wonder about a webzine? Poems, reviews, essays, photos and graphics: it might just translate into an online publication. I need to think about this.


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  1. BarbaraS says:

    Well, if you need some help…

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