If it’s Friday…

… it must be poetry at the Tchai Ovna.

Friday 3rd April, 8pm, Tchai Ovna, Otago Street Glasgow.

Readings from Tessa Ransford, Rob A Mackenzie, Jim Ferguson and myself. It would be nice to have a good audience, so please feel free to pass the word on.

PS: I don’t know if it’s risky or not, but I’ve decided to read only poems written this year, and not read in public before.

Yesterday (Sunday) I did a renga in Huntly for WordFringe. A beautiful Spring day, a lovely drive North, good company, and a fine poem came out of it. We only had 3 hours, so it was a shortened form – 12 verses. I think that makes it a junin renga, but that’s not a ‘classical’ length. Those start at 20 (nijuin), go on to 36 (kasen), and end with the great hyakuin – 100 verses, which usually needs 24 hours to write. I did one of them, with 8 other poets, in the Hidden Gardens at the Tramway in Glasgow some years back. It was a profoundly moving experience. The Huntly one was a more relaxed affair, and was followed by a long drive home. I think I’m probably getting too old to drive 400 miles in a day, but I’m glad I can still do it.


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7 Responses to If it’s Friday…

  1. Mairi says:

    Did your junin renga contain the cherry blossom references requisite in the longer form? I hope so. I haven’t been in Scotland for almost two years but when I get to spend time there it’s invariably late winter into the end of spring and the cherry blossoms, often beginning in December,are as wonderful as any anywhere.

  2. Colin Will says:

    Alas, no cherry blossoms in Huntly yet. The previous day they had deep snowfall, and the surrounding hills were still white. But we had ‘green beginnings’.

  3. Cadwallender says:

    Sorry I can’t make that Colin. I have family coming up. will look forward to hearing you in the future.kx

  4. McGuire says:

    I’ve read there two times, I was quite nervous, I’m not well versed in reading in public. The nights were organised by Dave Manderson, a lecturer at Glasgow University, when I return from teaching in Italy, I intend to start reading there again.It’s a nice wee venue, very small, like a living room, with plenty of tea, but to my diappointment, no alcohol. Enjoy/

  5. Colin Will says:

    Thanks Kevin. Maguire: I’m practically TT these days, and I love good tea, so that’ll suit me fine.

  6. apprentice says:

    Hope it goes well Colin. I think you are correct to try out new material on a different audience, it will give you a good feel for how they work.You’re certainly getting about at present, and the better weather mut make it a lot easier to do.

  7. Rob says:

    McGuire, I think you’re talking about the southside Tchai Ovna, which is where Dave Manderson did the organisation. Sadly, that place has just closed down. But the west end Tchai Ovna is still going well and you’d probably enjoy reading there when you get back.It was a good gig in any case last Friday. A varied group of readers and a warm audience. The ginger tea was great.

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