I’ve now had a good night’s sleep – the first since last Wednesday – so I feel I can face the world again.

I step down from the StAnza Board in December, so 2009 was my last Festival as Convener of the Trustees. It’s good to bow out on a high note, and from many points of view this has been an outstanding festival. I’ve been getting lots of feedback, and what’s pleasing is that different people have enjoyed different things at StAnza. I think the programme was strong in diversity and depth, whether audience preferences were for readings, performances, discussions, masterclasses or whatever – it was all there. Meeting old friends and making new ones is something that always happens at StAnza, and for me this was richly rewarding this year. Speaking personally, it was great to meet up with my Lithuanian and Italian friends again; and to make new friends from New Zealand.

I’ll be around at future festivals, but in a civilian capacity, as it were.


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6 Responses to Home

  1. Rachel Fox says:

    It was a good festival year – I really enjoyed all the events I went to for sure.And you may need another night’s sleep before you attempt to read my huge post on all the above…Great to bump into you as always. One day we’ll actually sit down and have a full conversation! I look forward to it.xx

  2. Colin Will says:

    Hi Rachel. I read and enjoyed your blog. We definitely <>must<> have that conversation. Hope your cold’s getting better.Colin

  3. apprentice says:

    I really enjoyed the smidgen I experienced on Saturday, as did Lyn and Mo.My thanks to all the unsung folk who make it happen each year, and in such an organised but low key way, so that the poets and poems the shine.If you have your final haiku piece I hope you wil post it.It was me who deleted the last post, my keyboard fails to keep up with me at times!11:18 AM

  4. Colin Will says:

    Thanks A. I have 43 haiku from Saturday, and I'm discussion with B & E what we do with them.Colin

  5. Sorlil says:

    You must have been frazzled by the time you got home, it was tiring just watching you!

  6. Colin Will says:

    Hi Sorlil. No the fact is I was energised by the buzz of the whole festival. I started to fade on the Sunday afternoon though.

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