A lovely February morning here in very Sunny Dunny, so I got on my bike and cycled down to Lochend Woods to look at the snowdrops. The sound of woodpeckers was very loud today, and I discovered the reason – four great spotted woodpeckers trying to out-drum each other. I didn’t manage to photograph them, but I did get some shots of the snowdrops.


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6 Responses to February=Snowdrops

  1. BarbaraS says:

    Ah, that’s what the turn of the year is all about. Thanks for cheering me up 🙂

  2. Colin Will says:

    I’m glad it worked for you too Barbara – it certainly cheered me up.

  3. Crafty Green Poet says:

    oh lovely snowdrops here, we had the snowdrop woodpecker combination last weekend at Cammo

  4. Sorlil says:

    What gorgeous pics of the snowdrops.

  5. apprentice says:

    Lovely shots Colin. Sun is splitting the sky today, a good omen for Donald’s do!

  6. Colin Will says:

    Thanks all. a: Just back from Aberlady PS, but I’m all set for tonight. BTW, where did you find that wonderful dance sequence on your blog? Total knock-out. I love modern dance <>and<> Sonny Terry, and the combination is inspirational.

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