Modern Scottish songs

I’ve heard a lot of Burns songs lately, and I love them dearly, but tonight I started thinking about modern Scottish songs and song writers. Who do you like? I’ll nail my colours to the mast and say that Karine Polwart is the one I like best. There’s a purity about her singing, a lack of vocal tricksiness, that makes her technique sound simple, though it’s anything but. And since most poets are suckers for herons, I love Follow the heron home. This Youtube clip isn’t the best possible recording – it’s a bit hollow, and somebody in the backing group isn’t in the right key, but I hope you’ll get the picture.

The current Scottish advert for the Homecoming features some truly naff voicings, including Schirr Sean, but the original of Caledonia, by Dougie MacLean, is, IMHO, not a bad song.


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3 Responses to Modern Scottish songs

  1. Rachel Fox says:

    You know I’m with you on this one! I could listen to her voice all day…and to be such a great songwriter too. As Kate Bush once!x

  2. McGuire says: decent reading of Tam O Shanter. I have read Burns on and off for a while now but nothing really quite captures the spirit of his poetry and his song to hear them aloud. In fact, reading Burns in private can be quite dull, but in audience, in gang, it is quite a heart warming display.

  3. Maureen Hurley says:

    Thanks for this one, Colin, I didn’t know of Karine Polwart at all. A meld of Kate Bush and Barbara Dicknson.Of course, I’ve always had a soft spot for Dougie MacLean. We sang there at Tay Bank last August. My current Dougie fave is “Ready for the Storm.” Alas, no herons but it’s awash with sailors aplenty! It’s a shore thing.We were only just saying the other night that Burns transcends the centuries via song. Neil O’Nell (my partner), gave an Immortal Memory toast for the SF Caledonian Club. Eady Reader does a few brilliant Burns ballads as well.

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