The annual list type thing

Some time in the coming week I’m going to sit down and think about my annual lists – favourite books of the year, best events, music and the like. Casting around, I know a lot of people who do this, and the newspapers will shortly be filling up their columns with lists from the great, the good, and the merely known.

Here are my categories:
Best poetry collections
Best single poems
Best poem I’ve written this year (for a given value of ‘best’)
Favourite non-poetry books
Best musical discoveries
Best journeys
Favourite place of the year
Best events I’ve attended
Favourite people of the year – that’s real people, people I’ve met
Best meals
Best TV series

No films – I haven’t been to a cinema this year. Similarly, no concerts. I only saw one play, so I can’t really call it ‘best’.

Anyone care to join me ? What would your annual lists look like?


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6 Responses to The annual list type thing

  1. BarbaraS says:

    I’m with you on the lists, maybe add best day out or best event attended. Must. Do. Some. Other work besides catching up with blogs and ‘fings…

  2. Claire A says:

    Great idea Colin! I’ll definitely be making my list soon… I’ll let you know when I have!

  3. Rachel Fox says:

    Some interesting categories – and not just all the usual ones. There are a few I’d have problems with though…how do you pick a person you’ve met who is your favourite of the past year? I’d just end up listing everybody I’ve met in the last 12 months for one reason or another (well, nearly everybody).And if you can remember individual meals you are doing well! I can barely remember what I ate yesterday…I love food but I don’t think about it very much.x

  4. apprentice says:

    Mmm I’m not sure I could list much, unless I write things down these days crucial things like names and titles escape me 😦I like want to cross the tape into a New Year and look forward to the soil warming up and my seeds arriving.But the best days in 08 for me were:1. you helping me print Heart Notes and the kind reactions I’ve had since from people who have enjoyed it. 2. my trip to Badajoz and the kindness of the people there, the amazing landscape of cork forest, black bulls and white cattle egrets and the salt cod with tomatoes and garlic. 3. officially making it to 5 years post treatment.4. the Carver and Janice Galloway sessions at StAnza. 5. Reading at the National Galleries, which you told me to do and you were right.And if I could remember enough to make lists it would include great radio programmes, especially from the World Service, which brings so many interesting things into my life.

  5. Crafty Green Poet says:

    I’ll need to think about that, too many books and films to choose from this year. I think though that if the one concert was totally brilliant, it can qualify as best of the year. For me that is certainly the case with Leonard Cohen at the Castle. No need to be able to compare that to any others to know it was the best…

  6. Rob says:

    I never pass up the chance to make a list and the end of year is an ideal time. Not sure what my categories will be yet, but I might steal some of yours.

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